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@GMA This is Chris Colfer, thanks for all your questions! Hope you enjoy #TLOS3! See you at the book signing! -CC

Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter, July 31st 1980.


This is an early, circa 2008 studio version of Darren singing “Not Alone” that I had never heard before. It has a full band accompaniment and backing vocals, and is pop that leans more heavily into the “blue-eyed soul” than many renditions I have heard. 

My dear husband was dinking around on Bandcamp last night when he came across this little gem after I had gone to bed. He bought it, downloaded it to my iPhone, and then this morning when his alarm went of at ass-crack o’clock (also known as 5:00 a.m.), he rolled over and insisted I wake up (though MY alarm wasn’t due to go off for another half hour).

"I’ve got something for you that you need to hear," he said, then proceeded to do a happy kickyfeet dance thing while he watched me flip out listening to this gorgeous, clean "new-to-me" recording of one of my favorite Darren Criss songs. Mad props to him for being so resourceful and knowing me so well.  I’ll even forgive him for waking me up a half hour early to do it… this time.

File under: Things making me so very happy today on SOOOOOO many levels!

Update: here’s the Bandcamp Link for the song so you can make it your very own!

Chris Colfer on Instagram - The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning Tour & Press

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hrhchriscolfer: Tonight!!! #HotInCleveland

hrhchriscolfer: Tonight!!! #HotInCleveland

The cast and executive producer of Hot in Cleveland tweet about Chris Colfer


Daniel Radcliffe, on the time he spends in bookshops during his time off. — The South Bank Show. (x)